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Quality control


The monitoring and measurement of purchased products is to prevent non-conforming products from being put into use or put into warehouses; the monitoring and measurement of process output is to control fluctuations in WIP characteristics in the production process to ensure that product batches are qualified; ultimately Inspection and testing are to find out the non-conformity of the product before it is delivered to the customer; product release is to confirm and approve the product again by the authorized person before delivery to the customer to ensure that the product meets all specified requirements.

Quality control

It is suitable for monitoring and measuring the output of each sub-process in the whole process of product realization. It includes production parts, purchased raw and auxiliary materials and other purchased parts, products (including materials) provided by customers, manufactured and finished parts in the production process, and final products upon delivery.

Quality control1. Incoming material inspection

Inspect incoming materials according to material inspection specifications, parts approval letter or control plan requirements, and record inspection results in incoming inspection report.

The company does not allow emergency release, and shall not release any incoming materials before the inspection is completed.

Quality control

2. Process inspection

According to the frequency and requirements specified in the inspection specification or control plan, the output products of the production process shall be randomly inspected, and the important characteristic parameters of the equipment shall be inspected, and the inspection results shall be recorded in the corresponding forms.

Quality control

3. Test inspection

After the production of the product is completed, the final inspection or test of the product shall be carried out according to the requirements of the inspection specification or control plan before storage, and the inspection or test data and results shall be recorded.

Quality control

4. Shipping inspection

Before the product is delivered to the customer, the pre-shipment inspection of the product shall be carried out according to the inspection specification or the customer's requirements, and the inspection result shall be recorded.

Delivery of product must be completed after all required inspection or testing activities have been satisfactorily completed. Otherwise, the approval of the customer or the corresponding authorized person is required, and the product shall be marked and tracked for traceability.

Quality control Quality control
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