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Venus I tri-proof light report

Nov. 19, 2022

Venus I tri-proof light report

1. Overview of Venus I tri-proof light

      Venus I is a tri-proof light with high-power (1.2m 120W, luminous efficacy 150LM/W), high protection level (IP66, IK10), high safety (aluminum alloy material body with heat dissipation function, PC cover shell with anti-UV, V0 flame-retardant feature and optical design, integrated respirator, etc.),low comprehensive cost (installation, transportation, power ratio).The main body of the lamp adopts an integrated extruded aluminum alloy shell + anti-UV, V0 flame-retardant level, optical design PC cover, and the power of 1.2 meters length light can reach 120W, CRI Ra80, luminous efficacy 150LM/W, and protection grades up to IP66 and IK10 respectively, applicable ambient temperature from -40°C to 40°C, applicable to various complex occasions. Product had obtained national practical new-type patent. It can realize comprehensive intelligent control, infrared human body induction, voice control and light control. At the same time, some modules are available to added as emergency lighting devices.


2. Where is it applicable?

       It can be used in indoor damp, dusty, low-temperature and other places. It can also be used in public places such as semi-outdoors and industrial places with high space. Ultra-high cost performance, high protection grade, intelligence, emergency modules allow it to be applied to various occasions. If high brightness needed for the entire space, no glare, without specific lighting target or range, Venus I is an ideal led lighting for you to choose.


3. What problem does the product solve?

Due to high brightness, high protection, high security, intelligence, and strong applicability features, the tri-proof led light can be applied to a variety of harsh environments. Besides, it also has optional special functions such as emergency.


4. Solution to the problem

      High-power and high-brightness effect has been successfully achieved by increasing the volume of the light inner space, and the light is installed with an integrated respirator; high protection and high safety standard can also display in product details. An anti-UV V0 flame-retardant level optical PC cover shell with more than 2mm thickness adopted in our light; The lighting is intelligent. Space is reserved for installing smart probes and we adopt the most advanced smart module with strong applicability on the market, which can realize infrared human body induction, sound control, and light control. And the light working environment of minus 40 degrees to 40 degrees will not bring bad influence on power drive, it still can start and work stably.The aluminum alloy integrated heat dissipation shell surface has passed the ASTM B117 protection level test, and the UV stabilized powder coating treatment has passed the 4000-hour simulation salt spray test;


5. What value does the product provide to clients?

       High power, high brightness, large lighting range, high comprehensive cost performance, high safety with high protection level,wide using range of ambient temperature.High intelligence can achieve energy saving and emission reduction effect.Low failure rate willgreatly and effectively reducemaintenance costs so as to improve the continuity of production.

6. How about the product quality?

      Our company has a full-featured laboratory, including IP testing, related photoelectric testing, temperature testing, EMC testing, impact resistance level, product packaging drop testing, anti-vibration testing, salt spray testing, high and low temperature testing and other equipment. All relevant test data of product in all steps. From design to market introduction, the Venus I tri-proof light has gone throughmultiple testing steps to ensure its reliability and safety.


7. What are the product advantages?

      Lighting products with high durability, long warranty, and high safety and reliability have always been what customers need. The requirements for lighting products are higher for places with humidity, dust, low temperature, etc.,. This product can meet all the needs and help you reduce costs on transportation, installation and maintenance, save energy, reduce emissions, and improve the corresponding production efficiency.

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