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Professional LED street lights for road lighting and street lighting

Jul. 15, 2022

Professional LED street lights for road lighting and street lighting

Street lighting is an integral part of road infrastructure, and Led street lights make a huge contribution to traffic safety at night. The main aim of Ledrhythm street lights is to optimize the visual environment, enabling drivers to detect road hazards and traffic conflicts in the distance in time so that appropriate actions can be taken in a timely manner. Statistics consistently show that good road visibility at night significantly reduces crashes and pedestrian fatalities.

Street and road lighting as a major component of public lighting offers many benefits that are directly related to driving. Improving road visibility and enhancing public safety can draw people into business districts and boost the nighttime economy. Lighting also draws attention to the streetscape and enhances the aesthetics of adjacent building elements.

As a result, road systems deploy a large number of street lights to provide visibility for drivers and pedestrians, while conveying information about the surrounding environment to viewers and possibly to smart city platforms.

As the mainstream of street lighting today, the Ledrhythm Moon series is designed to achieve better light uniformity and maximum spacing between poles for pedestrian and vehicular road applications.

For street lighting, Ledrhythm has professional street lighting engineers, who can ask street lighting problems and design suitable street lighting solutions for street lighting requirements and street lighting regulations in different regions. From the customer's street lighting requirements to the installation of street lights, Ledrhythm has professional personnel to answer your questions.

Professional LED street lights for road lighting and street lighting

Improve road safety and save energy in cities

Because the transportation infrastructure is very complex, different types of lighting are needed to keep traffic flowing, make people feel safe and save costs for the city. Ledrhythm LED street lights are an efficient and sustainable economical lighting option for today's city streets.


Reduce street lighting expenses

Reduce energy consumption by up to 50% with efficient LED lighting and specialized optics for any application Reduce maintenance costs with IoT-ready, serviceable luminaires Modular components and digital maintenance tools enable lightning-fast maintenance operations

Enhance the aesthetic experience of the street

Enhance street aesthetics while subtly illuminating surrounding areas Eliminate light intrusion to ensure residential lighting benefits citizens Use the latest lighting technology to ensure drivers and pedestrians feel safe, comfortable and not isolated

Improving the Sustainability of Street Lights

Reduce CO2 emissions for greener, more sustainable cities Protect the night sky and protect bats Special lighting recipes for bats Scalable infrastructure to future-proof your city lighting.

Professional LED street lights for road lighting and street lighting

Ledrhythm Moon Series Features

1. The lamp body adopts aluminum die-casting structure with excellent heat dissipation system. The photoelectric heat source separation design is adopted, which abandons the traditional structural design thinking.

2. The product has a variety of specifications and solutions (multiple sizes, multiple powers, and multiple lamp types), making the products diversified and suitable for various road uses.

3. The street lamp can be equipped with various angle lenses to make the road lighting more scientific, more standardized and more energy-saving.

4. The adjustable angle mounting bracket makes it adjustable and maneuverable, which is more convenient for on-site assembly, fully considering the customer's experience.

5. The ambient temperature is high, and it can be used normally even in hot summer, bringing a good lighting experience.

6. Within the rated range of use, the high service life can reduce the safety risks brought by product replacement, and can also reduce unnecessary additional costs.

Professional LED street lights for road lighting and street lighting

Professional LED street lights for road lighting and street lighting

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