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  • LED street light
  • LED street light
  • LED street light
  • LED street light
  • LED street light

Name: Moon I

Model Number: Moon I

Input Voltage:

Beam Angle:


Color Temperature3000K,4000K,5000K,5700K
Light DistributionType II,Type III,Type IV,Type V
Voltage120-277 V
Housing ColorGrey
Operation Temp-30℃ to + 55 ℃
IP ratingIP66


1. The lamp body adopts aluminum die-casting structure, which has an excellent heat dissipation system. It adopts a separate design of photoelectric heat source, and abandons the traditional structural design thinking.

2. The product has a variety of specifications and solutions (multiple sizes, multiple powers, and multiple light types), which makes the products diverse and can be applied to various road uses.

3. The street lamp can be matched with various angle lenses, which can make the road lighting more scientific, more standardized and more energy-saving.

4. The adjustable angle mounting bracket makes it adjustable and maneuverable, making it more convenient for on-site assembly, fully considering the customer's use experience,

5. The ambient temperature is high, so it can be used normally even in hot summer, which can bring a good lighting experience.

6. Within the rated range of use, the high service life can reduce the safety risk brought by the replacement of the product, and can also reduce unnecessary additional expenses.

  • LED street light
  • LED street light
  • LED street light
  • LED street light
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