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Name: Superb II-B Led Port light_300W

Model Number: Superb II-B_300W

Input Voltage:

Beam Angle:


Color Temperature3000K,4000K,5000K,5700K
Light Distribution20°,40°,60°,90°,30°*70°,Asymmetric 50°,Asymmetric 50°-M,Asymmetric P60
Voltage120-277/277-480 VAC
Housing ColorGrey
Operation Temp-30℃~+45℃
IP ratingIP66


Using aluminum die-casting structure lamp body, excellent heat dissipation structure,Modular light source structure, large power range,Optical design of reflector, excellent glare control,Adjustable angle mounting bracket with scale mark, excellent on-site applicability,120-277VAC and 277-480VAC input voltage range

Due to the heavy fog in the port and wharf, in order to meet the lighting requirements of the working face of the port and wharf, lighting fixtures with good light transmittance must be used. The lampshade is made of imported PC material with high light transmittance. The lighting effect is uniform and soft. And choose the internationally renowned brand lamp beads as the light source, low energy consumption, high light efficiency, saving port maintenance costs.

In addition, the port environment is humid, and the requirements for waterproof, dustproof and salt spray resistance of lamps and lanterns are relatively high. Lamps with high protection levels can prevent water vapor from entering the interior of the lamp and prolong the service life of the lamp. The lamp housing is made of high-quality aluminum alloy die-casting. The outer surface is treated with high-voltage electrostatic spraying, which improves the overall anti-corrosion level of the product. The entire lamp has an independent cooling system. The power supply adopts a rubber seal design, which plays the role of heat dissipation and waterproof. The protection level of the lamps reaches IP65, which is not afraid of the humid environment of the port.

  • Superb II-B Led Port light_300W
  • Superb II-B Led Port light_300W
  • Superb II-B Led Port light_300W
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